Best Screen Protectors for Leica Q2

The Leica Q2 is a new released full frame compact camera, it feature with a new 47MP full frame sensor, 10 fps, can recording 4K video. To protect your new Leica Q2, you’d better get a screen protector. Below are recommended screen protectors for Leica Q2:

Official Leica Screen Protection Film for Leica Q2 (Amazon/B&H Photo/Adorama)
  • Safeguards Against Scratches/Dust/Dirt
  • Reduces Glare for Improved Visibility
  • Easier to See Image Contrast & Details
  • Bundled with Screen Cleaning Pad
  • Includes Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Made in Germany

Safeguard your valuable Leica Q2 camera against scratches, dust, and dirt with this 2-pack of Q Screen Protection Films from Leica. These display protection foils also significantly reduce glare, offering improved visibility in bright light and making it easier to see contrast and details in your image files. Made in Germany, this item is bundled with a cleaning pad, and cleaning cloth for use on lenses.

Expert Shield Ultra-Durable, Ultra Clear Screen Protector for Leica Q2

  • Your Expert Shield is made from optical grade glass cut to fit your Leica screen.
  • Your Expert Shield comes with a no bubble guarantee.
  • Your Expert Shield also comes with a no scratch guarantee.
  • Actually, your Expert Shield is pretty much guaranteed to make you happy (we guarantee it).
  • Oh, and those guarantees last for the lifetime of your device. Because we love you.

Mexxprotect 6X Ultra-Clear Screen Protector for Leica Q2

  • Maximum transparency and surface quality
  • Easy and quick fixing without using any liquids – delivery includes detailed and easy-to-follow instructions in english
  • Cut to fit the specific display perfectly
  • Highest quality due to a precise manufacturing
  • Optimal adhesion – can be removed at any time without any residues

Bedifol 6X Savvies Ultra-Clear Screen Protector for Leica Q2

  • crystal-clear display protection film, anti-static film material
  • 100% bubble-free application, the protection film clings itself and without pressure to the display
  • 100% fits, cut to fit the specific display perfectly
  • can be removed at any time without any residues
  • excellent writing quality for a gadget with a touchscreen

upscreen. Scratch Shield Clear Screen Protector for Leica Q2

  • High Transparency, Strong Scratch Protection
  • Anti-Fingerprint, Multitouch optimized
  • Easy, Bubble-Free Installation