Best Memory Card for Alexa Mini

The ARRI Alexa Mini has one CFast 2.0 card slot, so which is the best CFast 2.0 memory card for Alexa Mini ? We has tested most CFast 2.0 cards online, and here are our recommended CFast 2.0 memory cards for Alexa Mini:

Currently world’s fastest CFast 2.0 memory card has up to 560MB/s Max Read Speed, and up to 550MB/s Max Write Speed.

Card Max. Read Speed Max. Write Speed Check Price
PixelFlash HyperCore CFast 2.0 560MB/s 550 MB/s Amazon
SanDisk Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 525 MB/s 450 MB/s Amazon/B&H/Adorama
Lexar Professional 3500x CFast 2.0 525 MB/s 445 MB/s Amazon/B&H/Adorama
Sony CFast 2.0 G Series 530 MB/s 510 MB/s Amazon/B&H/Adorama
Delkin Devices Cinema CFast 2.0 560 MB/s 495 MB/s Amazon/B&H/Adorama
ProGrade Digital CFast 2.0 550 MB/s 450 MB/s Amazon/B&H
Angelbird AV Pro CF CFast 2.0  530MB/s 430 MB/s Amazon/B&H/Adorama